I strive to depict my coins accurately.  I take digital photos with the light source coming from each side obverse and reverse alternately.  I have no fancy apparatus, just a very nice digital camera.  I use its macro mode.  The only editing I do is cropping, and sometimes, but not often, lightening the image ever (ever!) so slightly.  I sit crosslegged before the coin and light source, a gooseneck lamp with a natural light bulb, and just aim and shoot carefully.  I think all in all I take very nice photos, and they do accurately show the coin.  As always, however, and I’ve found this maxim to be true in my years as a collector, the coin is better in hand!  By the way, when I began the site I clearly got carried away and posted probably a few too many photos, but for quite a while now I’ve made myself post only four photos per coin or rarely, six.  Be sure to click on the thumbnails for very nice enlargements.

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