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The Roman Imperial Coinage

The Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC), Volume IV (Pertinax to Uranius Antoninus), by Harold Mattingly and Edward A. Sydenham, 2004 reprint of the original three volumes in one:  Pertinax to Geta (Part I), Macrinus to Pupienus (Part II), and Gordian III to Uranius Antoninus (Part III), Hardbound, 867 pages, 45 plates of coin photographs.  This is a NEW book, though I’ve had it for about four years.  It was used very gently and the only flaw in its pristine condition are three tiny spots on the front cover, shown in the photos.  What they are I have no idea:  my only guess is that they are perhaps tears over being unable to obtain one of the coins inside.  They are very, very light.  The book is tight as a drum and there are NO marks, creases, tears, anything.  This volume encompassed my favorite period of collecting, but I will admit I’ve found it a bit daunting, and from it I’ve made my own “quick check” guide handwritten in a notebook for the most common types in my collecting area, so I see no further need of it now.  The photograph showing text inside is a bit blurry:  I found photographing coins far easier.  The print of the text is sharp.  A FLAWLESS BOOK.  $115 plus $16 insured shipping by priority mail in the U.S.

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Join the ACM-L

acmlogo.gifPlease have a look at the ancient coin market, the ACM-Lthe-acm.htm

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