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Romulus AE Follis

000_1182.JPG000_1181.JPG000_1180.JPG000_1179.JPG000_1177.JPG000_1175.JPGRIC VI 34-C, Officina-S, struck 309-312 at Ostia, 5.83 gms, 22.8 mm, graded Choice VF by the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased the coin, Obverse: DIVO ROMULO NV BIS CONS, bare head of Romulus right, Reverse: Eagle with wings spread standing right on domed hexastyle temple without columns, with arched doors ajar, AETERNAE MEMORIAE, the numismatist/seller remarks of this coin: ” Well centered and struck with only a light bit of actual wear,” a very, very attractive coin, especially in hand (my photography does not do it justice), my research shows this coin to be very scarce (at best) to rare, Asking price: $580 includes priority shipping and insurance000_1172.JPG

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