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Julia Paula Denarius

Julia Paula Denarius, wife (the first of three) of Elagabalus (Emperor AD 218-222), struck at Rome AD 219, RIC 211, RSC 6,  3.07 gms, Obverse:  draped bust of Julia Paula facing right, with her hair elaborately styled and made all the more fashionable by a braid up the back of her head, IVLIA PAVLA AVG, Reverse:  Concordia seated left, holding a patera in her outstretched right hand, a star in the coin’s left field, CONCORDIA, a very lustrous coin with nothing short of a wonderful and beautiful portrait in high relief of Julia Paula, a very detailed Concordia on the reverse, and full and clear legends on both sides, a gorgeous coin graded Near Mint State by the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased it, and Julia’s portrait on this coin is the most fetching and downright cutest I’ve ever seen of her with its chubby cheeked sweetness,  and her coiffure with the braid taken up the back of that pretty head is rare from my researches, a real beauty of a coin of this first wife of Elagabalus who married him in mid-219 and found herself divorced and bereft of her status by late 220.  We can only hope that her life was spared.  Perhaps it was, because Elagabalus was shortly remarried to his second lucky bride.  A sharp and very detailed coin indeed.  Asking price:  $785 includes priority shipping and insurance in the U.S., registered to other countries (see shipping information page)

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Julia Paula Denarius

000_6644.JPG000_6642.JPG000_6638.JPG000_6633.JPG000_6630.JPG000_6628.JPG000_6627.JPG000_6626.JPG000_6622.JPG000_6621.JPG000_6619.JPG000_6617.JPG000_6616.JPG000_6614.JPG000_6612.JPG000_6608.JPG000_6605.JPG000_6604.JPG000_6603.JPG000_6601.JPG000_6599.JPG000_6597.JPG000_6595.JPG000_6593.JPG000_6591.JPGAD 219-220 (first wife of Elagabalus), RIC IV 211, Van Meter 1/1, Obverse: draped bust of Julia Paula facing right, IVLIA PAVLA AVG, Reverse: Concordia seated left, holding a patera, a star in the left field, CONCORDIA, very lustrous coin, shimmeringly so, superb high relief portrait of Julia Paula, extremely detailed and high relief reverse devices, the obverse legend is much crisper than the photographs show, the coin is slabbed by ICG, who grades it VF30 (my research shows this is equivalent to VF+ or Choice VF as applied to ancients, although I would personally grade this coin as much closer to About EF); though I personally prefer unslabbed coins this one was too good to pass up, an extremely well struck example of the type, and keep in mind that the photographs are of the coin through the plastic; if you prefer the slab the coin looks great in hand through it; there are several simple ways to remove coins from these slabs and the best resource is the yahoo group on ancient coins, Moneta-L, for the procedures to do this, a beautiful coin indeed, and an exceptionally nice specimen of this type, and scarce to rare, Asking price: $327 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6588.JPG

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