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Carausius Antoninianus

000_6791.JPG000_6789.JPG000_6788.JPG000_6787.JPG000_6786.JPG000_6785.JPG000_6783.JPG000_6781.JPG000_6780.JPG000_6778.JPG000_6776.JPG000_6775.JPG000_6772.JPG000_6769.JPG000_6768.JPG000_6767.JPG000_6766.JPG000_6765.JPG000_6764.JPGAD 287-293, minted at Londinium AD 290-292, RIC 98?, RIC 121?, 22.7 mm, 3.2 gms, Obverse: radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Carausius facing right, IMP CARAVSIVS PF AVG, Reverse: Pax standing left, holding an olive branch in her upraised right hand and a vertical scepter in her left, PAX AVG, B in the left field and E in the right field, MLXX in exergue, overall lovely light green patina throughout the coin, the areas of greener concentration in the photographs show only in the photographs, in hand the coin is an attractive even green patina with those darker greener areas invisible even under direct light (can’t explain it, a camera and lighting feature), coin is therefore very slightly darker than my photography shows (to its advantage), a superb, sharp, and very (!) bold portrait of Carausius, a sharp and well struck Pax on the reverse, full and clear obverse legend with the exception of IMP not fully struck up, in the reverse legend the X in PAX and AVG are not struck up, a very, very attractive coin of this very rare emperor, and one with an exceptionally detailed and bold portrait and Pax, Asking price: $385 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6763.JPG

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