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Claudius AE As

000_2175.JPG000_2174.JPG000_2173.JPG000_2172.JPG000_2171.JPG000_2169.JPG000_2168.JPG000_2165.JPG000_2164.JPG000_2163.JPG000_2161.JPG000_2160.JPG000_2159.JPG28mm, 10.93 gms, Obverse: bare head of Claudius facing left, TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG PM TR P IMP, Reverse: Minerva helmeted standing right, holding spear and shield, SC in field, RIC I 100, BMC 149, great light chocolate patina, very clear obverse legend, great portrait, Asking price: $127 includes priority shipping and insurance000_2158.JPG

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