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Vetranio Centenionalis

000_5168.JPG000_5167.JPG000_5165.JPG000_5164.JPG000_5162.JPG000_5161.JPG000_5160.JPG000_5159.JPG000_5158.JPG000_5157.JPG000_5153.JPG000_5155.JPG000_5151.JPG000_5150.JPG000_5149.JPG000_5147.JPG000_5146.JPG000_5145.JPG000_5144.JPG000_5143.JPG000_5141.JPG000_5139.JPG000_5138.JPG000_5137.JPGAD 350, RIC VIII:258 (R1), minted at Siscia, 22.41 mm, 3.0 gms, Obverse: laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Vetranio facing right, DN VETRANIO PF AVG, Reverse: Vetranio diademed and in military dress standing facing, head left, above him is a star, in each hand he holds a standard with Chi-Ro on the banner, CONCORDIA MILITVM, A in left field, pellet BSIS pellet in exergue, light to medium dark green attractive patina, a lovely coin and the Chi-Ro(s) are superb, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased the coin grades it VF+ and states of it: “Wonderful coin of Vetranio and rare of a very rare emperor.” Asking price: $267 includes priority shipping and insurance000_5136.JPG

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