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Decentius AE Centenionalis/AE2

000_2719.JPG000_2717.JPG000_2715.JPG000_2714.JPG000_2711.JPG000_2710.JPG000_2708.JPG000_2707.JPG000_2706.JPG000_2704.JPG000_2703.JPG000_2702.JPG000_2701.JPG000_2699.JPG000_2698.JPG000_2696.JPGAD 351-353, brother of Magnentius, struck as Caesar at Lugdunum, RIC 137, 4.0 gms, Obverse: bare-headed and cuirassed bust of Decentius facing right, DN DECENTIVS NOB CAES, Reverse: two Victories facing each other and holding a wreath inscribed VOT V MVLT X between them, VICTORIAE DD NN AVG ET CAE, SP in the lower middle field between the Victories, RSLG in exergue, wonderful portrait of Decentius, very detailed and sharp reverse, a very attractive coin with a lovely rich green patina throughout, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin graded it Good VF/About EF (and this back when VF alone denoted a VERY nice coin!), full and clear legends on both obverse and reverse, and well centered and struck.  Interesting note of provenance: the person from whom I purchased this coin states, “I purchased this coin in 1962 from Gimbels, “Green Acres,” Valley Stream, New York,” Asking price: $265 includes priority shipping and insurance000_2695.JPG

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