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Lucius Verus Denarius

000_6676.JPG000_6675.JPG000_6674.JPG000_6673.JPG000_6672.JPG000_6671.JPG000_6670.JPG000_6669.JPG000_6668.JPG000_6667.JPG000_6665.JPG000_6664.JPG000_6661.JPG000_6659.JPG000_6657.JPG000_6655.JPG000_6654.JPG000_6653.JPG000_6651.JPG000_6647.JPGAD 161-169, minted in Rome April-December, AD 161, RIC 447 (for Marcus Aurelius); MIR 18-14v (bare head); BMCRE p. 390 note; closest in Van Meter is #3; Obverse: laureate and draped bust of Lucius Verus facing right, IMP L AVREL VERVS AVG, Reverse: Concordia seated left, holding a patera in her right hand, her left arm is resting on a statuette of Spes, a cornucopia below (or forming a leg of) the chair, CONCORD AVG TR P, COS II below the chair, very lustrous coin with just the lightest, lightest touch of attractive toning, sharp, superb and high relief portrait of Lucius Verus, extremely detailed Concordia and devices on the reverse, and the little statue of Spes is priceless, full and clear legends on both sides of the coin, a lovely and beautiful gem of an example of this issue of Verus’s and from my researches an exceptional example of it, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin grades it EF, a truly superb coin, Asking price: $775 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6646.JPG

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