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Lucilla Denarius

000_4274.jpg000_4271.jpg000_4297.jpg000_4270.jpgLucilla Denarius, wife of Lucius Verus (Emperor AD 161-169), minted at Rome AD 164-167, RIC 786, RSC 89,  2.52 gms, Obverse:  draped bust of Lucilla facing right, LVCILLA AVGVSTA, Reverse:  Venus standing front, her head turned left, holding Victory in her upraised right palm and resting her left hand on a shield, VENVS VICTRIX, very lustrous coin, a beautiful portrait of Lucilla (and a very pretty and complimentary one compared to many I’ve seen of her on this issue), detailed Venus and devices on the reverse, full and clear legends on both sides, a well struck and centered coin with just a touch of wear on the highest points, a real gem and lovely, Asking price:  $198 includes priority shipping and insurance, registered to other countries (please see shipping information page)

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