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Faustina II (The Younger) Denarius

Faustina II Denarius, wife of Marcus Aurelius (Emperor AD 161-180), minted at Rome AD 161-175, RIC 695, RSC 140, 18 mm, 3.2 gms, Obverse:  diademed bust of Faustina II facing right, her hair gathered in a bun at the top of her neck, wearing a single circlet of pearls, FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, Reverse:  Juno standing half-left, holding a patera in her right hand and a long scepter in her left arm, a peacock at her feet, IVNONI REGINAE, a very lustrous coin with just the barest touch of attractive toning, an excellent and very (!) bold and sharp portrait of the empress, detailed Juno on the reverse and full and clear legends on both sides, the EG in REGINAE slightly off the flan on the reverse, a lovely coin with an especially fetching portrait, and an exceptional example of this issue of Faustina’s, Asking price:  $365 includes priority shipping and insurance, registered to other countries (please see shipping information page)

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Faustina II (Junior) Denarius

000_6879.JPG000_6878.JPG000_6876.JPG000_6875.JPG000_6874.JPG000_6873.JPG000_6872.JPG000_6871.JPG000_6870.JPG000_6868.JPG000_6867.JPG000_6865.JPG000_6864.JPG000_6861.JPG000_6860.JPG000_6859.JPG000_6858.JPG000_6857.JPG000_6856.JPG000_6855.JPG000_6854.JPG000_6853.JPGWife of Marcus Aurelius AD 145-176, RIC III 696, RSC 139, struck at Rome, 18 mm, 3.6 gms, Obverse:  diademed and draped bust of Faustina Junior facing right, wearing a double circlet of pearls, FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, Reverse: Juno standing left, holding a patera and a scepter, a peacock at her feet, IVNONI REGINAE, very lustrous coin, a beautiful and very, very high relief and sharp bust of Faustina II, reverse extremely detailed and sharp (right down to Juno’s facial features!), full and clear legends on both sides of the coin, a real beauty and very well struck,  Asking price: $445 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6851.JPG

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Faustina Junior Sestertius

000_1549.JPG000_1548.JPG000_1545.JPG000_1543.JPG000_1542.JPG000_1541.JPG000_1540.JPG34mm, 22.6 gms, Obverse: FAVSTINA AVG PII AVG FIL (last portion illegible), draped bust right, Reverse: Pietas standing left, holding flower and cornucopia, child to left, SC in field, reverse legend nearly all worn off, a decent coin, well worn but significant detail present, Asking price: $58000_1536.JPG includes priority shipping and insurance

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