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Salonina Antoninianus

000_9189.JPG000_9187.JPG000_9186.JPG000_9184.JPG000_9183.JPG000_9182.JPG000_9181.JPG000_9179.JPG000_9178.JPG000_9177.JPG000_9172.JPGSalonina Antoninianus, Augusta AD 254-268 (wife of Gallienus), struck at Antioch AD 267, RIC-V-I-90var-C (leaf mintmark); Van Meter 5, 21.1 mm, 4.18 gms, Obverse: diademed and draped bust of Salonina facing right, resting on a crescent, SALONINA AVG, Reverse: Ceres seated left, holding ears of grain and a long torch, CERERI AVG, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin grades it Choice VF (and may I note that this was back in the days when Choice VF denoted a VERY nice coin indeed?!) and remarks of it: “Well centered and struck.  Light antique toning adheres to both surfaces. Interesting RIC unlisted Leaf mintmark.” A very attractive coin with a great portrait of Salonina that is very detailed and well struck, a detailed Ceres and devices on the reverse, and full and clear legends on both sides, the surfaces are excellent and the toning is lovely, from my researches a scarcer type for Salonina, Asking price: $215 includes priority shipping and insurance000_9171.JPG

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