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Florian Antoninianus

000_4309.jpg000_4311.jpg000_4307.jpg000_4312.jpgFlorian Antoninianus, Emperor AD 276, minted at Cyzicus AD 276, RIC 116, RSC 15,  3.59 gms, Obverse:  radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Florian facing right, IMP FLORIANVS AVG, Reverse:  Victory standing right, holding a palm in her left arm and a wreath in her upraised right hand toward Florian, who is facing her left in military attire and holding a scepter, CONCORDIA MILITVM, V in exergue, attractively and lightly toned and silvered coin, great and detailed bull-necked portrait of Florian, very detailed reverse and devices, full and clear legends on both sides, a beautiful coin and scarce, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased it grades it thus:  “Obverse:  Almost fully silvered and Extremely Fine/Reverse:  fully silvered and Mint State.”  A very well struck and centered coin and an exceptional example of this issue of Florian’s,  Asking price:  $435 includes priority shipping and insurance in the U.S., registered to other countries (please see shipping information page)

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