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Carus Antoninianus

000_2690.JPG000_2686.JPG000_2685.JPG000_2684.JPG000_2682.JPG000_2681.JPG000_2677.JPG000_2675.JPG000_2674.JPG000_2671.JPGCarus Antoninianus, Emperor AD 282-283, RSC 56; Van Meter 10, 21 x 21.5 mm, 3.5 gms, Obverse: radiate and cuirassed bust of Carus facing right, IMP CARVS PF AVG, Reverse: Pax standing left, holding a branch and a standard, PAX EXERCITI, PXXI in exergue, attractive dark grey toning, a very nice portrait of Carus, detailed Pax on the reverse, full and clear legends on both sides, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin grades it VF and remarks of it: “Mild surface roughness and a few light scrapes in left obverse field.” Despite these detractors (the scrapes are behind the bust), the coin is very nice and detailed with a great portrait of Carus and very detailed Pax, and much sharper in hand than my photography shows, Asking price: $78 includes priority shipping and insurance000_2670.JPG

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Carus Antoninianus

000_7351.JPG000_7350.JPG000_7349.JPG000_7346.JPG000_7345.JPG000_7344.JPG000_7343.JPG000_7341.JPG000_7338.JPG000_7337.JPG000_7336.JPG000_7335.JPG000_7332.JPG000_7331.JPG000_7330.JPG000_7329.JPG000_7327.JPG000_7325.JPG000_7322.JPG000_7321.JPG000_7320.JPG000_7319.JPGAD 282-283, struck posthumously in Lugdunum under his sons Numerian and Carinus, RIC 138, 29; Cohen 18; Van Meter 20, 22 mm, 3.50 gms, Obverse: radiate bust of Carus facing right, DIVO CARO PIO, Reverse: Eagle standing facing with its head right, III in exergue, CONSECRATIO, very sharp coin well centered and struck, a very attractive deep chocolate brown toning, graded Extremely Fine/Very Fine+ by the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased the coin, the dark toning made it difficult for me to fairly photograph this coin, it’s very detailed and sharp in hand with a superb portrait of Carus and the eagle on the reverse is detailed and sharp, full and clear legends on both sides with the exception of TIO in CONSECRATIO not fully struck up, and the chocolate toning is very lovely, Asking price: $185 includes priority shipping and insurance000_7318.JPG

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