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Galba Denarius

000_4722.JPG000_4719.JPG000_4712.JPG000_4711.JPG000_4705.JPG000_4704.JPG000_4701.JPG000_4700.JPGAD 68-69, struck at Rome, RIC I 167; BMC 34; RSC 287; Van Meter 28,  17-18mm, 3.4 gms, Obverse: bare head of Galba facing right, IMP SER GALBA AVG, Reverse: legend in three lines across field, enclosed by an oak wreath, SPQR/ OB/ C S, lustrous coin, more than my photography shows, but with just the lightest touch of attractive toning (very light touch), superb high relief portrait, with some wear on its high points, clear and sharp obverse legend with the exception of the IMP worn (or, more likely, not fully struck up), reverse very detailed and sharp with very crisp legends, well centered and struck coin, and very lovely indeed, striking in hand with its sharpness and crispness of detail, and (again!), what a superb portrait, and an exceptional reverse, Asking price: $750 includes priority shipping and insurance

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