Shipping Information (Important!)

Shipping is on me completely priority and insured in the United States.  Registered overseas.  If overseas and registered, please understand that the buyer assumes all risk.  That is why I actually prefer shipping out of the United States to be USPS International Express Mail where insurance can be purchased for the full value very cheaply and the shipment is tracked also for extra peace of mind (on both our parts!).  To Canada, USPS Priority Mail is preferred, and full insurance for that method is also available very cheaply, and the package is tracked.  The total price for each of these methods runs about $25 give or take a couple of dollars depending on the amount of insurance.  I will give a $10 credit toward shipping for out of the U.S. buyers toward the $25 for International Express Mail/Insured or Priority/Insured.  That’s the price (the $10)  give or take a dollar or so for registered overseas.  So, why not go for International Express or Priority for $13 to $15 (your portion) if you’re overseas or in Canada for peace of mind?  Thank you.

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