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Philip I Antoninianus

Philip I Antoninianus, Emperor AD 244-249, minted at Rome AD 244, RIC 47, RSC 205, 4.36 gms, Obverse:  radiate and draped bust of Philip I facing right, IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG, Reverse:  Salus standing half-left, feeding a serpent rising from an altar from a patera in her right hand, and holding a rudder in her left, SALVS AVG, a very lustrous coin well struck and centered on a broad flan, full/near full circle of beads on both sides, a superb and expressionistic portrait of Philip in high relief, a high relief Salus on the reverse, and full and clear legends on both sides, a very beautiful coin indeed with an especially wonderful portrait of Philip, graded Mint State by the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased it, Asking price:  $350 includes priority shipping and insurance in the U.S., registered to other countries (see shipping information page)

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