Aurelian Denarius

Aurelian Denarius, Emperor AD 270-275, struck at Rome AD 275, RIC 73, RSC 257,  19mm, 2.30 gms, Obverse:  laureate and curiassed bust of Aurelian facing right, IMP AVRELIANVS AVG, Reverse:  Victory advancing left, holding her wreath in her upraised right hand and her palm branch in her left arm, a bound captive at her feet in front, A in exergue, VICTORIA AVG, a glossy/lustrous coin well struck and centered with attractive medium toning with some silvering, a superb and sharp portrait of Aurelian, a very sharp and detailed Victory and devices on the reverse, full and clear legends on both sides, a very beautiful coin in its glossiness and detail, a scarce/rare denomination for Aurelian and graded EF by the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased it, a hairline flan crack at ten o’clock on the obverse is noted for accuracy, but of no significance to the integrity of the coin and no detraction in my opinion, a difficult (for me) coin to photograph because of its gloss and silvering and it’s, indeed, even nicer in hand, an exceptional example from my researches of this issue of Aurelian’s, Asking price:  $295 includes priority shipping and insurance in the U.S., registered to other countries (see shipping information page)

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