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Julia Mamaea Denarius

000_6952.JPG000_6951.JPG000_6949.JPG000_6948.JPG000_6947.JPG000_6946.JPG000_6945.JPG000_6944.JPG000_6943.JPG000_6942.JPG000_6941.JPG000_6940.JPG000_6939.JPG000_6938.JPG000_6937.JPG000_6936.JPG000_6934.JPG000_6932.JPG000_6930.JPG000_6929.JPG000_6928.JPG000_6926.JPG000_6925.JPG000_6924.JPG000_6923.JPG000_6922.JPG000_6920.JPG000_6919.JPG000_6918.JPG000_6917.JPG000_6916.JPG000_6915.JPGAD 222-235, struck at Rome AD 222-235, RIC-IV-II-351-C, 20.3 mm, 2.98 gms, Obverse: diademed and draped bust of Julia Mamaea facing right, IVLIA MAMAEA AVG, Reverse: Venus standing left, holding a scepter and Cupid, VENERI FELICI, very lustrous coin (more than my photography shows), the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin and who grades it EF states of it: “Basically a ‘mint state’ example of this interesting and popular coinage. Well centered and struck with just a few small removable green encrustation spots. Attractive.” Indeed a beautiful and lovely coin, and I especially like the high relief portrait of Julia Mamaea, pretty as a picture and a real fox in this portrait and with a very attractive hairstyle, even better in hand, especially with the legends crisper and sharper than my photography shows, and I note that the few small encrustations mentioned by the dealer are imperceptible to the eye, for me I had to know they were there to see them, needless to say I did not attempt to remove them! Not that gutsy, and I would think the next owner of this coin will elect also not to tamper with something that does not detract from the coin one iota, Asking price: $390 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6911.JPG

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Faustina II (Junior) Denarius

000_6879.JPG000_6878.JPG000_6876.JPG000_6875.JPG000_6874.JPG000_6873.JPG000_6872.JPG000_6871.JPG000_6870.JPG000_6868.JPG000_6867.JPG000_6865.JPG000_6864.JPG000_6861.JPG000_6860.JPG000_6859.JPG000_6858.JPG000_6857.JPG000_6856.JPG000_6855.JPG000_6854.JPG000_6853.JPGWife of Marcus Aurelius AD 145-176, RIC III 696, RSC 139, struck at Rome, 18 mm, 3.6 gms, Obverse:  diademed and draped bust of Faustina Junior facing right, wearing a double circlet of pearls, FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, Reverse: Juno standing left, holding a patera and a scepter, a peacock at her feet, IVNONI REGINAE, very lustrous coin, a beautiful and very, very high relief and sharp bust of Faustina II, reverse extremely detailed and sharp (right down to Juno’s facial features!), full and clear legends on both sides of the coin, a real beauty and very well struck,  Asking price: $445 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6851.JPG

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Tacitus Antoninianus

000_6850.JPG000_6849.JPG000_6848.JPG000_6847.JPG000_6846.JPG000_6845.JPG000_6844.JPG000_6843.JPG000_6842.JPG000_6840.JPG000_6839.JPG000_6838.JPG000_6837.JPG000_6836.JPG000_6834.JPG000_6833.JPG000_6832.JPG000_6831.JPG000_6829.JPG000_6828.JPG000_6824.JPGTacitus Antoninianus, Emperor AD 275-276, minted at Serdica, RIC-V-I-195-C, Officina-Delta, Van Meter 13, 23.5 mm, 3.85 gms, Obverse: radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Tacitus facing right, IMP CM CL TACITVS AVG, Reverse: Providentia (Fides Militum; Concordia) standing right, holding two ensigns, facing Sol standing left, right hand raised, left hand holding a globe, PROVIDEN DEOR, K H Delta in exergue. I quote from the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin and who grades it EF (and in the days when Extremely Fine denoted an exceptional coin!): “A splendid example with 95+% of the original silvering with little to no actual wear. Highly attractive.” I concur and wholeheartedly, an exquisitely detailed coin and very well centered and struck on a very large flan, very impressive in all respects, especially in hand, Asking price: $375    includes priority shipping and insurance000_6823.JPG

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Carausius Antoninianus

000_6791.JPG000_6789.JPG000_6788.JPG000_6787.JPG000_6786.JPG000_6785.JPG000_6783.JPG000_6781.JPG000_6780.JPG000_6778.JPG000_6776.JPG000_6775.JPG000_6772.JPG000_6769.JPG000_6768.JPG000_6767.JPG000_6766.JPG000_6765.JPG000_6764.JPGAD 287-293, minted at Londinium AD 290-292, RIC 98?, RIC 121?, 22.7 mm, 3.2 gms, Obverse: radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Carausius facing right, IMP CARAVSIVS PF AVG, Reverse: Pax standing left, holding an olive branch in her upraised right hand and a vertical scepter in her left, PAX AVG, B in the left field and E in the right field, MLXX in exergue, overall lovely light green patina throughout the coin, the areas of greener concentration in the photographs show only in the photographs, in hand the coin is an attractive even green patina with those darker greener areas invisible even under direct light (can’t explain it, a camera and lighting feature), coin is therefore very slightly darker than my photography shows (to its advantage), a superb, sharp, and very (!) bold portrait of Carausius, a sharp and well struck Pax on the reverse, full and clear obverse legend with the exception of IMP not fully struck up, in the reverse legend the X in PAX and AVG are not struck up, a very, very attractive coin of this very rare emperor, and one with an exceptionally detailed and bold portrait and Pax, Asking price: $385 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6763.JPG

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Faustina I (the Elder) Denarius

000_6762.JPG000_6761.JPG000_6760.JPG000_6758.JPG000_6757.JPG000_6755.JPG000_6752.JPG000_6751.JPG000_6749.JPG000_6748.JPG000_6746.JPG000_6745.JPG000_6744.JPG000_6743.JPG000_6742.JPG000_6741.JPG000_6740.JPG000_6739.JPG000_6738.JPG000_6737.JPGWife of Antoninus Pius, died AD 141 and was consecrated, struck at Rome AD 141, RIC 368, RSC 108, Van Meter 5/5, 17 x 19 mm, 3.5 gms, Obverse: beautifully pearl-diademed and coiffed bust of Faustina facing right, DIVA FAVSTINA, Reverse: Vesta standing half- left, her head turned left, holding a simpulum in her right hand and a palladium (the cult image of Minerva, Pallas Athene) in her left, AVGVSTA, very lustrous coin, superb and superbly coiffed bust of Faustina (great hairdresser), the portrait is very high relief, very detailed Vesta on the reverse, and the detail of the palladium is very attractive and fetching, clear and sharp obverse and reverse legends, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin remarks of it: “Superbly detailed, high relief portrait.” He grades the coin EF. It is indeed a beauty, and from my experience an exceptional example of this issue for Faustina Senior, Asking price: $385 includes priority shipping and insurance in the U.S., registered to other countries (please see shipping information page)000_6736.JPG

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Antoninus Pius Denarius

000_6735.JPG000_6734.JPG000_6732.JPG000_6731.JPG000_6728.JPG000_6725.JPG000_6724.JPG000_6723.JPG000_6722.JPG000_6721.JPG000_6719.JPG000_6718.JPG000_6717.JPG000_6716.JPG000_6715.JPG000_6714.JPG000_6713.JPG000_6712.JPG000_6710.JPG000_6709.JPG000_6706.JPGAD 138-161, Consecration Denarius issued posthumously by Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, Van Meter 136/3, old Sear 1301, 18 x 19 mm, 3.4 gms, Obverse: bust of Antoninus Pius facing right, DIVVS ANTONINVS, Reverse: Eagle standing right on an altar draped by a garland, CONSECRATIO, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin and who grades it Near Mint remarks of it: “Lustrous surfaces which made photography difficult. Great obverse detail with high relief portrait.” I’d say this is one of the most lustrous coins I’ve ever seen, just gorgeous in that and many respects, photography indeed difficult, reverse legend much sharper in hand, the bust of Antoninus Pius is of extremely high relief (and made coin totter when photographing the reverse!), exquisite detail on the reverse, too, on the eagle and garland, a beautiful little jewel, and my research tells me this coin is rare this nice, Asking price: $395 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6705.JPG

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Lucius Verus Denarius

000_6676.JPG000_6675.JPG000_6674.JPG000_6673.JPG000_6672.JPG000_6671.JPG000_6670.JPG000_6669.JPG000_6668.JPG000_6667.JPG000_6665.JPG000_6664.JPG000_6661.JPG000_6659.JPG000_6657.JPG000_6655.JPG000_6654.JPG000_6653.JPG000_6651.JPG000_6647.JPGAD 161-169, minted in Rome April-December, AD 161, RIC 447 (for Marcus Aurelius); MIR 18-14v (bare head); BMCRE p. 390 note; closest in Van Meter is #3; Obverse: laureate and draped bust of Lucius Verus facing right, IMP L AVREL VERVS AVG, Reverse: Concordia seated left, holding a patera in her right hand, her left arm is resting on a statuette of Spes, a cornucopia below (or forming a leg of) the chair, CONCORD AVG TR P, COS II below the chair, very lustrous coin with just the lightest, lightest touch of attractive toning, sharp, superb and high relief portrait of Lucius Verus, extremely detailed Concordia and devices on the reverse, and the little statue of Spes is priceless, full and clear legends on both sides of the coin, a lovely and beautiful gem of an example of this issue of Verus’s and from my researches an exceptional example of it, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin grades it EF, a truly superb coin, Asking price: $775 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6646.JPG

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Julia Paula Denarius

000_6644.JPG000_6642.JPG000_6638.JPG000_6633.JPG000_6630.JPG000_6628.JPG000_6627.JPG000_6626.JPG000_6622.JPG000_6621.JPG000_6619.JPG000_6617.JPG000_6616.JPG000_6614.JPG000_6612.JPG000_6608.JPG000_6605.JPG000_6604.JPG000_6603.JPG000_6601.JPG000_6599.JPG000_6597.JPG000_6595.JPG000_6593.JPG000_6591.JPGAD 219-220 (first wife of Elagabalus), RIC IV 211, Van Meter 1/1, Obverse: draped bust of Julia Paula facing right, IVLIA PAVLA AVG, Reverse: Concordia seated left, holding a patera, a star in the left field, CONCORDIA, very lustrous coin, shimmeringly so, superb high relief portrait of Julia Paula, extremely detailed and high relief reverse devices, the obverse legend is much crisper than the photographs show, the coin is slabbed by ICG, who grades it VF30 (my research shows this is equivalent to VF+ or Choice VF as applied to ancients, although I would personally grade this coin as much closer to About EF); though I personally prefer unslabbed coins this one was too good to pass up, an extremely well struck example of the type, and keep in mind that the photographs are of the coin through the plastic; if you prefer the slab the coin looks great in hand through it; there are several simple ways to remove coins from these slabs and the best resource is the yahoo group on ancient coins, Moneta-L, for the procedures to do this, a beautiful coin indeed, and an exceptionally nice specimen of this type, and scarce to rare, Asking price: $327 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6588.JPG

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Trajan Decius Antoninianus

000_6585.JPG000_6583.JPG000_6582.JPG000_6581.JPG000_6579.JPG000_6576.JPG000_6575.JPG000_6574.JPG000_6573.JPG000_6572.JPG000_6571.JPG000_6570.JPG000_6569.JPG000_6567.JPG000_6566.JPG000_6565.JPG000_6564.JPG000_6563.JPG000_6562.JPG000_6561.JPG000_6559.JPG000_6558.JPGAD 249-251, RIC IV 29c, RSC 113, minted at Rome, Obverse: radiate and draped bust of Trajan Decius facing right, IMP C M Q TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG, Reverse: Victory advancing left, holding a wreath and a palm-branch, VICTORIA AVG, very lustrous coin (more than my photography shows), superb portrait of Trajan Decius, detailed Victory on the reverse, full and clear legends on both sides of the coin, well struck and centered on a large flan, a striking coin, especially in hand, Asking price: $195 includes priority shipping and insurance000_6557.JPG

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Constantine II AE19/Follis/AE3

000_6555.JPG000_6554.JPG000_6551.JPG000_6550.JPG000_6548.JPG000_6547.JPG000_6546.JPG000_6545.JPG000_6544.JPG000_6543.JPG000_6542.JPG000_6539.JPG000_6537.JPG000_6536.JPG000_6535.JPG000_6533.JPG000_6530.JPG000_6529.JPG000_6526.JPG000_6525.JPGAD 337-340, minted at Thessalonika as Caesar AD 324, RIC VII 128, 19 mm, 4.0 gms, Obverse: laureate and cuirassed bust of Constantine II facing left, CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, Reverse: VOT dot X within a wreath, CAESARVM NOSTRORVM, in exergue TSBVI, the numismatist/dealer from whom I purchased this coin and who grades it EF/EF states of it: “A very nice bronze with light brown color, high relief and great detail.” A lovely little gem with indeed a very high relief portrait of Constantine II, and an exceptional crisp and sharp reverse, obverse legend much clearer than my photography shows (my guess is that the camera was focusing on the high relief bust), very attractive brown patina and well struck and centered, Asking price: $145 includes priority shipping and insurance in the U.S., registered to other countries (please see shipping information page)000_6523.JPG

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