Marcus Aurelius Denarius

000_33741.JPG000_33411.JPG000_3373.JPG000_3371.JPG000_3370.JPG000_3369.JPG000_3367.JPG000_3365.JPG000_3364.JPG000_3359.JPG000_3358.JPG000_3356.JPG000_3355.JPG000_3353.JPG000_3352.JPG000_3351.JPG000_3350.JPG000_3347.JPG000_3345.JPG000_3344.JPG000_3343.JPGAD 161-180, 3.5 gms, minted at Rome, RIC 51, RSC 518, Obverse: laureate bust of Marcus Aurelius facing right, IMP M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG, Reverse: Providentia standing left, holding a globe in her upraised right palm and cradling a cornucopia in her left arm, PROV DEOR TRP XVI COS III, a very lustrous coin, superb and extremely detailed and razor sharp portrait of Marcus Aurelius (great beard and chin whiskers!), sharp and detailed Providentia on the reverse, full and clear legends on both sides, a stunning coin pin sharp and beautiful, Asking price: $525 includes priority shipping and insurance in the U.S., registered to other countries (please see shipping information page)

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